Semi-poetic Rambling of Life Lessons

"Semi-poetic Rambling of Life Lessons"

Trust, trust,
Trust your ideas,
Trust your instinct,
Trust your feelings,
Trust your decisions.

Be skeptical, 
Be humble, 
   always question.
But trust your choices.

Make mistakes.
   Make your OWN mistakes.

Listen to how you feel doing things,
Listen when excitement speaks,
Listen when boredom speaks too,
Listen to how your body feels.

Trust the things you don’t like,
You don’t like them for a reason,
You don’t need to like them,
You don't need to adjust to them.

Sleep enough and eat well.
Eat sleep,
Sleep eat,
Half the challenge is solved,
if you are in a routine you sleep enough and eat well.

Just trust me about this,
Life is short,
But not so short,
We gotta be sustainable about it,
Don't give it all at once! 
We have to last for a long time 🙂

Be around people.
People ground my dreamy foot,
People ease my fast-paced mind,
People pause my future longings,
and make my breathe in the moment.

People wake me up, 
when I fall asleep through life.
People take me out of balance, 
when I most need it
   ...and when I don’t need it too,
but that’s okay.

People, people,
It’s all about the people.

Wherever you are, 
Find the people around you,
Reach out,
Ask how they are doing,

Care about people,
Make time to create experiences together,
From cooking a meal,
to creating a dance for a party.

Go on adventures.
Give importance to adventures,
Adventures are important.
They take us out of our routines,
and make us look a life from a different angle,

They bring us close to life,
Close to what it means to be alive.
What does it mean to be alive?
What does it mean to me?
What does it mean to you?

Find what brings you closer to life. 
Close to what it means to be alive. 
That’s when we are at our best,
When nothing else matters,
When time flies,
When every pore,
Every drop,
Every cell,
Is completely immersed in what you are doing.

What makes you feel completely immersed 
in what you are doing?

Don’t put yourself in boxes.
You never know,
When your passions will connect and align.

Keep exploring,
Be open to change,
Be dynamic.

Move through life,
Keep moving.

But be true to what you love the most.
Be persistent,

Be disciplined with what you love the most.
It’s worth it.

Be picky. 
Be picky,
Be content,
Be grateful.
Be happy for where you are,
Happy for WHO you are,
But keep being picky. 

If there is no path,
Your dissonance with existing paths,
Will create one of its own.
No dissonance only leads 
To existing paths.

The world starts to change in our imagination.
If we can’t create a different reality in our dreams,
Then how can we make it happen in reality?
How will the painter paint the landscape,
If there is no landscape,
If she or he can’t imagine the landscape?

We need to see it,
So we can make it,
And if we adjust,
We stop seeing it.
We don’t see it anymore.

Be picky about the important things though,
So many things are NOT important.
Our time and energy is limited,
Especially for conflict and disagreement,
Very limited.
So save it for those who are worth it.

San Francisco, 28th September 2018
An attempt to capture the lessons gathered in a year of adventures,  traveling, and putting myself in places, challenges and situations I never thought I could handle.


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