Treasure the Moment

"Treasure the Moment"

This may sound like a cliche,
But it’s real,
It’s so real.
Moments are here,
Moments are gone,
Where are those moments?
I can't find them anymore.

Where is my “me” at that moment?
Who is not able to connect anymore,
Where is your “you” from that moment?
Who I can't find,
No matter how deep,
How deep I look into your eyes.

Just sometimes,
Moments come back,
Moments return.

Enough to give me hope,
In those times when I have to say goodbye,
When I have to say goodbye and,
I just can't hold the idea of moments being gone.
Lost in empty space.

So I attain to the possibility
Of recreating moments,
I would never leave this place.

Because it happens,
It has happened before,
It’s like a shooting star,
Crossing twice your path.
Or maybe it’s just knowing where to look in the sky,
Maybe it’s knowing how to look,
Maybe it’s as simple as shaking your head,
With your eyes half open,
While you look at the moonlight,
While you look at shiny star.

Maybe recreating moments is just a practice,
If we can just connect to ourselves at this moment,
Even if our world changes,
Our sense of self will be the same,
If we can just connect to that sense of self...
It is everything we can share,
The rest doesn't matter,
And that will stay the same.

Alive, alive.
Two people full of life,
Sharing the joy of being alive.
What else do we need?
Maybe moments can recreate.

Take care,
Take care of yourself,
Take care of your dreams.
Feed your soul,
Your soul too,
needs to be nurtured.
I won't cry,
Will just smile,
At the moments we shared,
And the possibility they will recreate.

Just a chance.
Until then, 
life goes on,
Life moves on,
Life continues.
Everything moves,
Everything changes,
We change
I change,
You change.

Just don't expect.
Please don't expect.

San Francisco, 28th September 2018


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