We Only Get One Life

"We only get one life"

We only get one life,
every day matters, 
every moment matters! 

Only one life to experience the taste of food, 
the sight of a landscape, 
the smell of muddy ground or coffee beans. 
Only one life to walk barefoot in the beach,
and feel the sand between your feet, 
to feel the rain in your face, 
to sing to the moon, 
or stare at the leaves of a tree changing color. 

Only one life to feel empathy
when looking into the eyes of a stranger, 
one life to feel our body aching from dancing too hard. 

One life to cry out of happiness, 
or from the pain that comes when happy times pass. 
One life to hug your mom, 
one life to argue with your brother (thank God!), 
one life to listen to your dad’s jokes... 
One life to love them all. 

One life to LOVE unconditionally. 
One life to shine. 
One life to speak up, 
and disagree, 
and create conflict, 
and chaos... 
the chaos needed for a kinder balance. 

One life to choose to love, or fear. 
One life to choose joy, or suffering.
One life to choose acceptance, or grief.
One life to be open, or close. 
One life to see the world as
your friend, or your enemy. 
One life to see light, or darkness. 
One life to be human. 
Let us all be human.

London, 26th October 2018
Spontaneous awakening to the beauty and ephemeral essence of life.


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